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Pre-Purchase Condition & Valuation Survey

A full inspection to ascertain the physical condition of the boat and all of its systems and equipment within the limits of non-destructive testing. The hull is inspected out of the water. A sea trial is conducted after the boat has been launched. A valuation is prepared, drawing on published guides, recent comparable sales and current comparable offerings. Recommendations are made concerning legal requirements, safety issues, necessary repairs, normal maintenance and potential improvements..

Rates can be quoted by the foot, by the hour or by the day. Per foot rates start at $23/foot for small craft plus $7/ft. for sea trials. The hourly rate is $135. The day rate is $1,100. The minimum charge is $400.


Oil Analysis

Engine, generator & transmission. Analysis performed by H.O. Penn Fluid Analysis. Results provided in 2-3 days. Rate: $50 per sample..


Engine Surveys

Physical inspection and testing is a part of our surveys. Fault codes are read where possible.

Engine surveys by factory trained mechanics are recommended for large installations. This work is in addition to the survey inspection of all mechanical systems and is contracted separately.


Insurance Renewal Survey

A survey, conducted in or out of the water, to provide insurance underwriters with evidence of soundness, valuation and compliance with USCG regulations. Rate: $22 per foot.


Damage Survey

Inspection of damage and arrangement of joint survey with the underwriter’s surveyor. Field survey report reflecting agreed repair recommendations. Negotiation of repair costs. Supervision and verification of repairs. Rate: $135 per hour.



Valuation of the boat, after inspection to determine overall condition, drawing on published guides, recent comparable sales and current comparable offerings. Rate: $135 per hour.



An inspection to provide an opinion of the claims made by the broker’s listing or published advertisement. Digital photos and short written report supplied.

$100.00 up to 29 ft.
150.00 up to 39 ft.
$200.00 up to 50 ft.

Fees over $100.00 credited against subsequent survey costs on the same boat.


Out of Area Travel Charges

Auto expense $0.75 per mile beyond New England area. Out of pocket costs, i.e. air tickets & lodging.